Services & Requirements


We offer exclusive boarding to a limited amount of dogs and cats thus ensuring that each pet gets individual attention. All pets are checked on arrival. Then after medical checks are done every morning and evening and medications are given if needed. All pets are monitored closely throughout the day and stools and urine are monitored. The kennels are kept spotless.

We do stock Vondis Holistic Diets and raw chicken mince for dogs. Classical music is played through the day to help calm and comfort the pets.

Dogs are let out into a grassed exercise area a number of times a daily. Each kennel separately. The kennels are heated in winter with a 250 watt infra red heater. Dogs are fed twice daily or more often if guardians requests this. We follow the same feeding schedule that the dogs have at home.

Grooming is done and shampooed before leaving.


Cats have their own run and houses and are also exercised on a secure grass area throughout the day. WE never mix cats from different families.

Cats are groomed daily and we spend a lot of time with them making sure that they are happy and settled in a new enviroment.

We keep a daily record of each cats food consumption, water in take and toilet routines.

What We Require

All pets must arrive in the mornings between 7:30am and 10am, unless otherwise arranged with Pam or Carmen.

Inoculation certificate that is up to date.

Date and name of tick and flea control that guardians use.

Clear Instructions as to feeding and any medication that the pet requires.

List of health issues, past or present.( Ear infections, skin conditions, allergies etc ).

List of behavioural problems or fears.

Clear feeding instructions. Food must be brought in with a measuring cup clearly marked.

Bedding may be brought in as long as the dogs do not chew it. It must be clean and well-marked.

Toys may be brought in as long as they cannot be chewed( kongs, solid balls etc ).

Should you require a consult on rearing your puppy, T-touch or energy healing sessions these must be arranged in advance.