About Us

About Broshacarm Kennels & Cattery

Pam started the kennels as a hobby, personally cleaning the kennel and feeding pets herself was not unusual in the beginning. Pam bred German Shepherds and Norwegian Elkhound and she has an extensive knowledge of rearing, feeding and the handling of puppies. She does offer advice to guardians who have problems in these areas and consults can be arranged.

Carmen too started at grass roots level cleaning kennels, feeding and grooming boarders. Carmen is a qualified Tellington touch practitioner for companion animals and has a Diploma in animal healing. She also has a certificate in natural food remedies. She is a member of the Healing Animals Organization and is listed as one of their practitioners.

Our staff are highly trained and have been with us for many years, two of whom have been with us for twenty eight years. All of our staff are permanent and no temporary staff are hired over the busy seasons. A meeting is held daily and each pet is discussed.